How your hormonal system responds to stress

The Adrenal Stress Profile monitors the impact chronic stress has on the body. Chronic stress changes hormone balance and immune function and causes inflammation which contributes to acute symptoms as well as chronic diseases.

This profile provides insight into how you are handling and responding to stress. Evaluating adrenal hormone balance can provide guidance for prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Associated conditions of chronic stress

Prolonged stress responses can progress into dysfunctional hormonal patterns. Chronic stress can disrupt metabolism and ultimately contribute to neurological conditions, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal symptoms, skin issues, and other complications. Signs or symptoms of prolonged stress or chronic metabolic dysfunction are indicators for adrenal testing.4, 5

Test results

Easy to understand color-coded test report compares your results to reference ranges for cortisol (hormone increased during stress) and DHEA (hormone reduced during stress) along with research based test results commentary.