Concussion Crisis

According to existing data, more than 1.5 million people experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year in the United States. Of them, as many as 75 percent sustain a mild traumatic brain injury—or MTBI. These injuries may cause long-term or permanent impairments and disabilities. Many people with MTBI have difficulty returning to routine, daily activities and may be unable to return to school or work for many weeks or months. In addition to the human toll of these injuries, MTBI costs the nation nearly $17 billion each year.

What is a concussion and its symptoms?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury. Concussions are the result of a blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. Just like people, every concussion is unique. In fact, healthcare professionals in the field of brain injury often say, “If you’ve seen one concussion, you’ve seen one concussion.” Traumatic brain injury can have wide-ranging physical and psychological effects. Most signs or symptoms of a concussion are evident soon after the traumatic event, while you may only become aware of others days or weeks later.

The following are the most common signs and symptoms of a concussion:

General Symptoms of Concussion

Children Concussion Symptoms

Children with a concussion can have the same symptoms as adults, but it is often harder for them to share how they feel. Call your child’s doctor if they have had a blow to the head and you notice any of these concussion symptoms:

Concussions happen in any sport

Molly shares her story about her concussion at 17 years old (not a patient in our clinic).

Expert Concussion Management

Dr. Kelly Ryder is sought after by professional athletes to maintain brain health during game season. He has also served as an expert witness in traumatic brain injury cases in court. Dr. Kelly’s knowledge and experience makes him the go-to professional in this field.

When you become a concussion patient in our clinic, you will have access to modern equipment used in testing the balance and eye movements in NASA astronauts. We tackle concussions on several aspects:

Treating concussions since 2007, Dr. Kelly educates other medical professionals on how to approach this growing epidemic. Baseline assessments are also available pre- and post- game seasons. Its a wise investment for any athlete. Call 225-766-9788 to learn more or make an appointment.