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Advanced Methyldetox


More than 50% of people are affected by genetic mutations in the methylation pathway

Methylation can play an important role in many chronic diseases. By understanding your genetics you can prevent and address these conditions with the right nutrition.

The MethylDetox Profile tests critical genes in the methylation pathway. The methylation pathway is the major part of detoxification and the metabolic cycle. Based on your genetics, this profile enables you to address many important chronic medical conditions by using nutrition and nutrient supplementation.

These are Dr. Kelly Ryder’s wife’s results. She has a Compound Heterozygous C677T & A1298C, a more severe MTHFR mutation along with a MTR mutation. In short, she requires special supplements such as Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), special folate, SAMe, and other supplements for her body to be able to detox properly.

Comprehensive testing for methylation and detoxification

The MethylDetox Profile gives more actionable information than MTHFR testing alone, giving you a more complete picture of your body’s methylation and detoxification. The MethylDetox profile includes Smart Commentaries, detailing recommended nutrients based on your genetics.

Standard MTHFR genotyping only evaluates folic acid metabolism. Scientific research reveals that a variety of genes are involved in maintaining methionine/homocysteine balance. Genetic variations (SNPs) in these important genes influence your methylation potential. Individual methylation is monitored using homocysteine levels. Important SNPs are included to evaluate your ability to methylate neurotransmitters, DNA and toxins.