Personal Injury Cases Accepted


What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury can come from various sources: accidents, assaults, and defective products. If you are experiencing pain due to circumstances that were out of your control, you need to understand the full extent of your injuries. You must receive prompt treatment to minimize long-term costs and health consequences such as chronic back or neck problems.

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Car Wreck Hurt

Do Chiropractic Appointments Help My Personal Injury Case?

A visit to the chiropractor can bring immediate pain relief; some chiropractors such as Dr. Ryder can diagnose and treat injuries using imaging such as x-rays and MRIs. 

Baton Rouge Chiropractor Dr. Kelly Ryder provides a comprehensive plan to make your recovery successful.

Ryder will document every step:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Exam
  • Communicate with the Personal Injury Attorney
  • Prescribe a Plan of Care

Should I Make an Appointment with a Chiropractor After an Accident?

Within a few days after a workplace or auto accident, you may experience some gradual neck stiffening. Without immediate medical treatment, you can cause more damage or develop chronic pain-which is what we want to avoid!

With immediate care, we can limit injuries and rapidly increase recovery time.

Advantages of quick treatment and evaluations:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased recovery rate
  • Maximized Benefits

Kelly Ryder, Chiropractor, Can Fully Determine the Extent of Your Personal Injuries

Road accidents are the leading cause of traumatic injuries and fatalities in America. When you have a collision with another vehicle, the force transmitted through your head and spine compresses your discs closer together; this compression increases pressure on your nerve roots. To help reduce pain and return lost function, patients should visit a doctor and chiropractor regularly in the first few years following an injury.

Dr. Ryder’s training focuses on the body’s musculoskeletal system: restoring mobility to the spine, joints, back muscles, and nervous system. He employs gentle spinal adjustments and natural pain relief techniques; both improve range of motion. Dr. Ryder will diagnose ailments and injuries before they become serious using highly specialized exams. No temporary fixes — our clinic is committed to long-term permanent improvement and relief: without the need for prescribing medication and undergoing surgery. Our ultimate goal is for our patients to reach the optimal quality of life.

How to Work with Your Attorney and Insurance for Your Accident Case

Hassle-free for you.

We can provide documentation on how to file a personal injury claim with your insurance company;  coordinate our efforts with an attorney’s office of choice should one be needed; or locate attorneys if no such representation is currently available.

It may seem confusing at first, but we’re here for you every step of the way; please inform us that this matter involves auto insurance to expedite any necessary coordination between ourselves and other parties involved (such as yourself).

We will follow up with your insurance or attorney to get the necessary documentation before your initial visit. We’ll make sure you’re fully covered before we see you for a consultation and treatment, so you must send us proof of payment in advance. Failing to notify us may result in denial of claim or case.

Filing a claim through auto insurance

Be aware that this process may vary between insurance companies, but these steps should get you started quickly.

The following steps detail what needs doing if this happens:
  1. Call the police right away! This way, no one has the time or opportunity to tamper with evidence.

  2. Collect any details about how long ago/how much traffic was around etc.; anything relevant related to collision happened such as other drivers (s)’ statements

  3. Call your insurance company or the person at fault’s insurance company right away.

  4. They’ll walk you through the following steps and provide a claim number that will allow them to start investigating what happened.

Steps on obtaining an attorney and getting treatment

An experienced lawyer will help you with everything from beginning to end. They are equipped with all of the tools needed to get a settlement that is fair and as seamless as possible!

  1. Collecting and compiling details on your auto accident

  2. Collect all of your essential information like insurance documents or medical bills.

  3. Contact an attorney for support in navigating this difficult time. We are happy to help with finding one good at getting people back on their feet as quickly as possible!

  4. Please provide us with a Letter of Protection before you arrive.
**If you have any major health concerns or severe injuries, make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician**

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Recovering from the Accident

Your head is the most vulnerable part of the body in a car accident. When rear-ended by a vehicle, your neck whiplashes: snapping backward from the impact. Delicate tissues like discs or nerves in your spine get severely damaged when this occurs.

For this reason, chiropractic care is an integral component of the recovery process. The chiropractic adjustment activates the fascia and provides for better circulation, nutrient delivery, and lymphatic drainage.

At The Ryder Clinic, we offer expert service for evaluating and treating personal injuries. We are experts in rehabilitating accidents with individualized treatment plans to help you return to your regular activities pain-free! Education is vital because it helps our patients learn about the potential long-term consequences of their injury. Dr. Ryder will provide strategies for minimizing injuries based on what has happened and ongoing evaluations. 

The spine protects nerves that enter from the brain; muscles work together with ligaments to support joints. When these are not working correctly, it can lead to spasms, nerve interference, or pinched nerves, causing inflammation — resulting in back pain called myofascial pain syndrome.

Dr. Ryder is committed to every patient recovering quickly by using his individualized comprehensive strategies; this includes educating the patients every step of the way. 

His treatments include:

Manual Therapy

Designed to restore normal movement and position joints by providing occasional adjustments, combined with soft tissue rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Non-invasive therapies design to return tight or damaged soft tissues throughout the body to regular motion, utilizing various types of therapies which includes;

  • Massage therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Stretching
  • Strength and range of motion exercises

Brain Trauma

Dr. Kelly Ryder is an expert in concussion management and “zingers” or whiplash that typically comes with auto accidents. We have state-of-the-art equipment that provides objective data for your attorney to defend your case correctly.

Laser Therapy

Possessing the only machine of its kind in the state of Louisiana, The Ryder Clinic can alleviate your pain: drug-free. Our laser increases the range of motion at a faster speed than regular therapies.

Dr. Ryder utilizes every tool at his disposal. Based on spinal mechanics, chiropractic adjustments work to help return joints and bone alignment to the proper position, helping relieve back pain and misalignment caused by trauma. We use multiple techniques to reduce inflammation that leads to pain: by promoting blood circulation with gentle methods and exercises that target specific muscles. At the Ryder Clinic, we treat the entire body, not just one area.

Extra care and focus on other injured body parts- adjusting upper body muscles where inflammation can lead to pain which includes;
  •  Extremities including wrists and hands 
  •  Knees and feet
  •  Promoting blood circulation with gentle techniques 
  •  Exercises that target these specific muscles

At Ryder Clinic, we treat everyone. From professional athletes to everyday people, we look forward to taking care of all your needs!

Getting Back to Life

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that people who suffer mild head trauma have excellent outcomes with chiropractic care.

Treatment that facilitates recovery rates includes and are not limited to:

Ryder Clinic provides traction between the vertebrae that alleviates pressure on cervical discs. This traction allows vertebrae, discs, and nerves to get back into their optimal position, leading to reduced pain and other abnormal sensations such as vertigo or tinnitus.

“Dr. Ryder relies heavily on X-ray studies and brain scans for diagnosis.”

Dr. Ryder firmly believes in medical diagnostic tests when conservative treatment does not improve quality of life. Ryder Clinic’s neurological scans would reveal and diagnose a more severe injury, cognitive disease, etc., after the accident.

 An accident is frightening and can cause lasting trauma, lingering pain, and headaches that interfere with your ability to work or drive a vehicle — but it doesn’t have to be that way. At the Ryder Clinic, we are committed to improving all areas of life, including mental and cognitive function. You do not have to suffer without help. Dr. Ryder often finds that mental health improves when patients undergo treatment and rehabilitative exercises- preventing and treating lasting trauma. 

Some people need months of therapy to recover fully, but it is well worth the effort to treat and prevent both acute and chronic injuries. Your health and quality of life are worth it. Call now, and Dr. Ryder’s long-lasting treatment will get you back to doing what you love most.​